Billie Holiday Story in Song: Lady Ain’t Singing No Blues

June 11, 2016 @ 7:30 pm
Henry Clay Theatre
604 S 3rd St
Louisville, KY 40202
$22/ $19/ $10 Students

It’s 1958 and Billie Holiday stops by a seedy bar in Hells Kitchen to perform to a small crowd after a late night recording session.

Billie Holiday created jazz vocals by improvising in her music, just as she improvised in her life, focusing on the high points that helped her get through the lows and the song styling that accompanied it all. Leslie McCurdy portrays the great singer in this one-woman play based on Ms. Holiday’s autobiography, “Lady Sings the Blues”.

Leslie McCurdy………………Billie Holiday
Steve Crews…………………..Billie’s Pianist

Clyde Tyrone Harper directs this original production by The Bunbury Theatre Company.

One thought on “Billie Holiday Story in Song: Lady Ain’t Singing No Blues”

  1. I have made a reservation as a senior citizen for the 2:30 performance tomorrow (Sunday). Am looking forward to seeing it.

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