Louisville Jazz Workshop

How to register.

  • To register, go to ‘CMP Registration Form‘ on the UofL web site (link provided).
  • Fill out your personal information
  • In ‘Lessons and Programs’ choose ‘Louisville Jazz Workshop’
  • In ‘Lesson Location’ choose ‘Belknap Campus’
  • In ‘Voice/Instrument’ put your instrument
  • In ‘Lesson Information’ use this: Teacher’s name – Samir Kambarov

Number of Lessons – 12 Length of Lesson – 120

  • In ‘Payments’ use this: Tuition Fee – $100

Grand Total – $120

NOTE: if you do not wish to share you credit card information trough the phone, you can bring me a check and I will forward it to the right person hand-to-hand.

How to prepare for you first class.

You must have:

  • working instrument and all necessary accessories (set of cymbals, sticks and brushes for drummers)
  • binder to store all material in one place
  • several sheets of manuscript paper and notebook paper to take notes, write rules, exercises, and
  • pencil and eraser
  • passion and attention

Restrictions and Regulations

There is no grades or exams in this Workshop as well as no punishment for missed class. HOWEVER, it is strongly recommended to be on time and in each class. The program is designed in a special way where there is no limit in information to be presented. Everything depends on students, their ability to absorb, digest, and apply material. It is under student’s responsibility in case of absence to catch up and be ‘updated’ so the rest of class could keep going.

Closer to the end of the workshop there is going to be a recital. Date and time of the recital will be announced later. 100% attendance is required. Invite you relatives, friends, classmates and everybody you know to this concert.

There is no refund if you decide to drop the program. Enjoy the process and have fun!