NIGHT OF JAZZ – Comedy Caravan

Mon, April 20th- 7:30 pm.. $8  ($6 online)..  “NIGHT OF JAZZ”
Kalor (latin jazz!)
Bobby Falk Group (progressive jazz/soul)
*OPEN Jam session to follow!!
this will be very special and unique show, a bit more diversity in this one, with the latin jazz element, we’re gonna likely create a small dance floor (perhaps) to gear towards more latin dancers- as well as the other jazz musicians wanting a “jam session”, along with the growing fan base the Falk group (and these “Night of jazz” events have attained).. this will be a truly diverse and special event..I feel we could sell out, well over 150 for this one..$$$
here’s some links:  (KALOR- Louisville latin jazz) (videos) (B. Falk Group)
Bobby Falk group that night will be:
Drew Miller (saxophones), John Epley (guitars), Wade Honey (keyboard), Nick Kuypers (bass), Bobby Falk (drums/percussion).