Greg Walker: One of Louisville’s Jazz Treasures

Terry O'Mahoney Avatar

Greg Walker is a man of many talents – singer, arranger and an amazing guitar player who can cover all genres, especially jazz, blues and rock. If you ever needed a friendly hand, Greg was there for you. He never questions why you might need help or what a gig pays. Greg has devoted his life to music and his friends.

Now Greg is in trouble. He’s been battling a number of health issues. Jewish Hospital has been his home for more than two weeks. He wants to return to gigging but that doesn’t seem possible for a while.

Please keep Greg in your thoughts and prayers; send him good juju or whatever you think will work. He’s one of the good guys and we need to let him know how much we care.

If you care to send him cards, please send them to his address and his girlfriend will take them to him. His address is:

Greg Walker
1703 O’Daniel Ave
Louisville, KY 40213