Author: Chris Fitzgerald

  • A Night In Tunisia

  • Beatrice


    The latest release from the UofL Jazz Studies faculty duo project features Mike Tracy and Gabe Evens performing the Sam Rivers classic “Beatrice”. Enjoy!

  • Nardis


    The faculty duo series is designed to showcase UofL jazz faculty doing what they do best. Due to the limitations on live performance opportunities during the pandemic, we decided to do a few recording sessions in duo format so we could keep the music flowing and get it out to people who might not otherwise get to hear it. This cut is “Nardis”, featuring Mike Tracy and Gabe Evens.

  • Greg Walker

    Greg Walker

    I first met Greg Walker in about 1979. I was playing guitar in a rock band with Jeanette Kays’ son Rick in the basement of her house. When we would […]

  • G2 Summit Ensemble: Dark And Lonely (A Covid Anthem)

    G2 Summit Ensemble: Dark And Lonely (A Covid Anthem)

    The 2021 G2 Summit Ensemble is an international collaboration between the Jazz departments of the University of Louisville and the Universidad El Bosque in Bogota Colombia. The students from the […]