Want to know more about jazz?

Whether you’re a classroom teacher, a band director, musician, private teacher, or interested jazz fan the Louisville Jazz Society can help you get connected with the information you need.

Would you like some jazz musicians to come to your classroom or other location to talk about jazz and play the music? Click here for information about a free program offered through the University of Louisville. This program could be a great part of your school’s preparation for the humanities portions of KERA.


the student’s at Roselyn’s Music Studio took on a project to find resources that will help children of all ages understand the rich history of jazz.  Thanks to them, we have a new resource for learning more about jazz, so feel free to browse this cornucopia of information – Check it out here!

We support music education at area universities

The Louisville Jazz Society also offers general financial support to the University of Louisville’s School of Music. For information about the Jazz Studies Program at UofL click here and be sure to click on their calendar for upcoming concerts and special events.

We encourage the promotion of all area middle school and high school jazz bands. You can get in touch with local band directors – and find out about their concert schedules – by clicking on the links below

Youth Performing Arts School

Curtis Essig, YPAS Jazz Band Director

Do you want to explore more opportunities to learn? Check out these links:

TheJazz Education Network

The Campaign for Jazz