Hill House

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The Hill House is a summer, outdoor concert venue on Kenwood Hill overlooking the city of Louisville. The Hill House, which is in its ninth season, produces 10 curated concerts from May through September. The musical styles include indie rock, jazz, bluegrass, and blues along with specialty concerts focusing on specific artists and genres.

The Hill House was created to provide an opportunity for local and regional musicians to perform in a professional concert venue. It uses state-of-the-art professional grade equipment and support staff that you typically only see in large concert venues. This provides the bands with a concert environment that they might not otherwise experience.

The Hill House is an intimate performance and listening space seating 94 patrons. It is a membership organization that is comprised of music lovers who listen to the music and appreciate the professional musicians and production.

The Hill House live streams all of its concert on it YouTube Channel – “The Hill House Live Stream

The Hill House is affiliated with the University of Louisville School of Music. The season opening slot is dedicated to select jazz students in the University of Louisville School of Music Jazz Program. In addition, The Hill House provides a live sound, lighting and video training internship program for the University of Louisville School of Music – Music & New Media program.